Welcome to Colette Green

Colette Green is the brain child of three co-founders.  The brand was launched in November 2015. Thoughtful designing and establishing the brand’s unique identity became of primary importance. Extensive research followed with different materials and bag structures, which led the team to come up with simple, practical and beautifully made products.

Sam, one of the trio  has always been a ​keen fashion enthusiast​ and was disappointed at the poor quality and designs of bags in the market. She noticed that superior quality  handbags were not affordable for the average person. Any woman with a family to feed, a home to run would struggle to get the bags she liked due to the high prices. So she along with a team decided to do something different. Something unique which had it’s own identity, which was beautifully crafted but affordable for every working woman.

Therefore Colette Green was born. The name  itself reflects the team’s thought processes. ‘Colette’ means ‘victory for the people ‘​ and ‘Green’ depicts the trio’s commitment and love for the use of sustainable products.  We are often asked who is Colette? Our belief is that Colette is the soul and spirit of our combined efforts, emotions and hard work.

Whilst the masses shipped from the east, the same monotone designs, invariably of poor quality. The team at Colette Green managed every step of the process themselves and that’s how they are able to give their customers great quality products at affordable prices.

COLETTE GREEN – Love it, Live it!!